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Based on the best-selling book by the same title, Too Big to Fail chronicles the 2008 financial crisis from within the Treasury Department. Ayad plays Neel Kashkari, Senior Advisor to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Visit HBO for airtimes and details. Visit HBO for airtimes and details.

" HBO's 'Too Big To Fail' lands all-star cast "
Hollywood Reporter

Ayad Akhtar plays Neel Kashkari
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" So Who Gets to Be Hotter in the Too Big to Fail HBO Adaptation Than They Are in Real Life? "
New York Magazine

In this powerful drama, the friendship of two Pakistani men falls apart when one of them chooses to carry out a terrorist plot. Ayad stars in this film, which he co-wrote, and which was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for (Best Screenplay) and an International Press Academy Satellite Award (Best Picture - Drama). It premiered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival and was distributed by Magnolia Pictures.

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The War Within, Interview with Ayad Akhtar

Debating a sensitive theme
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“Akhtar’s spectacularly unshowy performance, which captures the subtle shadings and nuances of what would otherwise be – and most probably, most unnervingly, is – just another face in the polyglot crowd, unseen but watching, and waiting.”
The Austin Chronicle

“…The War Within" never preaches. Instead, bolstered by strong performances, it teases out complex and uncomfortable questions about faith and the impact of American actions on the rest of the world. The filmmakers may not judge Hassan, but they don't let him off the hook, either. Call it a portrait of a mild-mannered zealot, one that seeps under the skin and unsettles the nerves.”
The Washington Post

“Of all the feature films and documentaries to emerge since 9/11, few have been as bold, perceptive or as downright chilling as this thriller…”
TV Guide